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Step 1: We'll begin with a Business Structure Evaluation across 13 core functional areas - such as HR, IT, and Sales & Marketing.
Step 2: We will present a plan of action to close the gaps discovered in the evaluation to strengthen your organization.
Step 3: You select the projects you want and we design, develop AND implement the solutions side-by-side with your management team.

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Go to 70-pt Business Structure Evaluation

70-pt Business Structure Evaluation

Evaluate your company on the health and comprehensiveness of your operational and structural systems.

Our 70-point evaluation takes a couple of hours and covers 13 functional areas such as 1) Vision and Strategy, 3) Sales and Marketing, 7) HR, 11) Risk and Compliance, and 13) Business Capabilities.

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Go to 350-Pt Business Structure Audit

350-Pt Business Structure Audit

A more detailed Audit than our 70-point evaluation, the 350-point evaluation takes 2-3 weeks and requires interviews with your leadership team.

This audit covers 13 functional areas such as 1) Vision and Strategy, 3) Sales and Marketing, 7) HR, 11) Risk and Compliance, and 13) Business Capabilities.

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Go to Business Structure Package

Business Structure Package

If your business could use a bit (or a lot) more structure, then this is perfect for you. Our Business Structure Package is comprised of over 20 systems and structures to run a healthy small and medium sized business. These include Business Process Management System, Management Information System, Financial Control System, Performance Management System and more.

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Go to Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Employee Retention is one of our specializations. We’ll identify the drivers of high turnover and strong retention, then propose a comprehensive strategy. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to develop the programs to achieve your retention goals.

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Go to Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Are your processes unstructured or unclear? We’ll design a system fit for you to help tackle growth, efficiency, or quality challenges. In addition to BPM, we design decision models to improve and automate more of the thousands of daily decisions your employees make.

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Go to Drive Performance

Drive Performance

Better than performance management – drivers emphasize improvement. Whether it’s grinding iteratively to measuring ROI on major programs.

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Go to Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Arm yourself with the tools to focus all the resources of your team towards clearly developed dynamic goals that respond to shifts on the field.

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Go to ERP Software Design

ERP Software Design

Are you searching for a more structured software solution to enforce your business rules and extract higher productivity from your workforce? We’ll work with you to map out your current business processes and convert them to technical design documentation for software implementation such as Oracle or SAP.

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Improve your Operational Structures to fix issues, increase efficiency, grow operations and tackle new challenges.

About Us

Build Structures, Reduce Chaos

Structured Business Group (SBG) helps clients develop Management and Operational Structures to fix issues, improve efficiency, grow and tackle new challenges.

We have clients in retail, software, architecture, construction & development, plastics manufacturing and yarn manufacturing.

What are Operational Structures? Operational structures are as simple as policies and procedures and as complex as performance management systems, business process management systems and total quality management systems.

Do you develop and implement as well?
I'm glad you asked! If it's part of our core competencies, then we will develop and implement, if it is not, we will consult and design in conjunction with our partners, of which we have two - one Finance consulting company and one ERP consulting company.

Structured Business Group (SBG) was started in 2009 by KyNam Doan to help businesses befriend the 13-tentacled monster we affectionately call Operational Structures.

Kenneth Mai Le joined as a partner in 2016 to set the company on a growth path through Southeast Asia.

The team is based in Ho Chi Minh City with plans to open an office in Phnom Penh by Q4, 2017.

Improve the way businesses are managed and structured with solutions at are accessible to businesses of all sizes.

ETCHED! Values:
We are an organization that values hubris, personal development, hard work and exploration:
Excel more with less
Teach and help each other
Communicate honestly and openly
Humble and gracious
Explore and experiment
Develop and grow

KyNam Doan has served as Managing Director of Serenity Holdings, Chief Operations Officer of Synectics Consulting Corporation, Investment Manager at Colliers International, Marketing Director at TastySpoon, and Reppify. Prior to these roles, he founded VoterBLOC, a civic engagement and planning platform, and Indian LunchBox, an Indian catering company.

In addition to these roles, KyNam also served as a founding member of the board of Black Card Circle Foundation based in Los Angeles, CA, as well as marketing, and creative lead for Duniya Dance Company in San Francisco, CA.

KyNam holds a BS in Management Science - Business Intelligence from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Specialties: SME Management, management strategy, organizational strategy, business intelligence, process improvement management, short-term incentives implementation, project management, fixed asset investments, portfolio and risk management, investment advisory, marketing strategy, bootstrapping, and negotiation.

Kenneth Mai Le has served as CEO of Wingstar Joint Stock Corporation, National Transpacific Trade Lane of Kuehne+Nagel Corporation, General manager of Craft beers import & export and supply chain at C2Imports LLC, Heritage Beverage and BPS Advisory.

Prior to these roles, Kenneth also served as a Venture Capitalist and founder of V-Heritage a commerical real estate development in Kern County, CA and an owner of Saigon Cuisine in Orange County, CA.

Kenneth holds a BS in International Business - from University California of Los Angeles.

Specialties: Kenneth is an entrepreneur and start-ups guru. He has over 12 years experience in B2B & B2C as General Sales Director and Business Development in various business sectors from U.S, Australia and Vietnam; and has strong network in trades in Southeast Asia. Kenneth is multicultural professional recognized for his achievement and performance in trades, start-ups, strategies, brands awareness, sales, management and coaching. Kenneth has established a network of working professionals and wide range of industry, such as F&B, FMCG, hotel furniture, construction and integrated logistics and supply chain. Kenneth has been working in Vietnam for more than 10 years and extended living overseas. Kenneth is very knowledge about Vietnam as a country and its working culture

Meet our team

kynam Doan

Managing Partner, CEO
Operations & Product
   1) Operations
   2) Strategy
   3) HR
   4) Customer Intelligence
   5) Business Intelligence

kenneth mai le

Business Development
   1) Business Development
   2) Marketing

Mike Tran

Business Analyst
   1) HR
   2) Risk & Compliance

My Phan

Business Analyst
   1) Performance Management
   2) Business Process Management

Thuy Anh Nguyen

Business Analyst
   1) Business Development
   2) Performance Management
   3) Organizational Design

Diem Huynh

   1) Operations
   2) Business Process Management



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